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I am Elizabeth And my husband is John. We were best friends through high school and would have started dating but due to his family circumstances one day he came to school and announced he was moving...tomorrow (that and he would have actually had to ask me out) We exchanged emails for a while then eventually life caught up with us and we stopped talking, that was till Christmas time last year when he was deployed in Kuwait. I thought it would be nice to send him an email since he was spending Christmas away from home, it took him till Jan 11 to get me  to admit that we were dating, 6 months later, 2 days after our birthday (yep same exact birthday)  he proposed and I said yes (everyone else said about time). We got married on our 1 year anniversary in 2013.
So thats the love story. Other then that all I can tell you is I'm an arts-and-crafty kind of girl and a COMPLETE bookworm. Family matters to me A LOT. And in fact most of the people I count as family dont share a single drop of blood with me. I go to LifeNow church, you should check us out on line we are pretty sweet for a bunch of odd balls and misfits.
 I've made this blog and the things I'm blogging about my mission, I am ready to kick myself in the butt and I hope you will free to help me do it (nicely of course) 

                Much love-


Here are the wedding pictures I promised you from the lovely Mrs Donna

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