Friday, March 22, 2013

Thou shalt clean your house

I know lent is almost over but I think I need to add something onto my Lenten fast. Cleaning.
Why? Because I suck at making myself do it, I  make all these plans to clean things and when I need to have things done and then nothing happens. My original lent fast was the snooze button. I gave up the 20 min I spend hitting the snooze button for some bible study time and its been great, BECAUSE I made a promise to God that I would do that every morning and you don't break promises. So I was thinking if I make cleaning a promise then maybe some of it will actually get done.
For instance Ive done about half of the laundry, and thats great and all but I have a kitchen full of dirty dishes that need to get done and I need to prepare John and I for church this weekend. I told my hubby I would clean out his car and I have to make some snacks, and instead im on Hulu and Pinterest (shame on me)
So I promise as soon as I finish this episode I am getting off of this computer and cleaning!

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