Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jesus who?

At my Church (LifeNow Church) we have been doing a series called Jesus who? where we have been learning about the facets of Jesus when He was with us. We leaned about Jesus was a shepherd, carpenter  healer, teacher, and servant in the past weeks and they were all very amazing sermons that I highly recommend yall checking out HERE. But this week our pastor didn't do a whole lot of talking, this week he reminder us that Jesus IS our Savior. Honestly today I was convicted about how little convicts me. I've grown very complacent in my faith, and if there is one thing I've learned through my walk with God is I can't do complacent. It just doesn't work out for me, I have to be VERY deliberate to do things like study, ready my Bible, and pray, otherwise it just doesn't happen. Then next thing you know God is no longer first in my mind, and my heart follows suit. I am very guilty when it come to making sure the He is number one in my life. I commit idolatry constantly in my heart, putting other things before him, worrying about pleasing me and others and not my Lord, and every now and then He has to remind me of it. So here is to deliberation, to directness, to making sure that while everything else is taken care of I take care of my relationship with my Lord first. My husband reminded me that marriage is a triangle with God as the top point and husband and wife as the bottom, and as they move closer to God, they in turn move closer together. So while obviously I need to make sure I am meeting the needs of my hubby, if I focus on the Lord then in turn I can be a better wife to my husband and on an even bigger scale be more like the creation that God wants and needs me to further his kingdom. So right now I think I need a little bit of the shepherd in Jesus, He has broken me to keep me from wandering to far and now I get to be carried till I can figure out how to walk better with my Lord.

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