Sunday, March 24, 2013

I shalt learn from my mistakes

I tell myself this as I spent close to a half hour scrubbing dishes (and I'm sitting here not even completely done).  I am trying to remind myself that if I would just do them as I make them this wouldn't happen. Secondly if I would do them all while I am washing them instead of a little every day maybe it wont feel like I am constantly having to do a whole bunch of dishes everyday.
The Hubby was really nice and helped me dry (you know is it just me or do men turn into babies when asked to help with dishes, or is it just my big strong army man) but there are still dishes that needed to soak a while that (even though we are supposed to trade days) I will have to do tomorrow, and tomorrow is my day to go to my parents house, so it wont get done till really late and I will most likely be grumpy (yay)

Oh well such is life. I will not let the dishes bring me down! I had the most amazing weekend with my church and my God. Every Easter my church (LifeNow)  goes on a Resurrection retreat, but this year to accommodate family time on Easter Sunday we had a Rebuild retreat on Palm Sunday instead. Between Pastor Alan and Pastor Jesse the messages were amazingly emotional and insightful. We learned that sometimes to make a building better you just need to completely deconstruct it and get rid of all the junk and mess ups and everything that's holding you back before you can be made into the temple for God that you were made to be. Then we talked about how important a good biblically rooted foundation is in our lives and how easily it is to get things twisted in today's society. Next was how to build the right walls, not to isolate ourselves from everybody, but to protect us from our environment and to try to make living Holy as easy as we can for ourselves by building guardrails between us and sin. Then we talked about Interior and Exterior design (not decorating which is rearranging the junk you own to make it look like better junk, but intentionally and logically deciding where to put walls and doors and windows and how to make the space the best it can be) Pastor Alan went into detail about the temple Solomon built for God and how we upkeep the our temples for Him.
All in all it was a truly incredible time to recharge and reconnect with my wonderful church family and to remember how God wants us to be living and praising His name. We were rained in the entire time which was its own kind of blessing, I think everyone was saying how nice it was to just relax with each other and not always be running from one thing to the next (plus with work and everything else this was the first time I have felt fully rested in a loooooooooong time).

Anyway coming soon is a meal plan, some recipes that I want to try and share with you, as well as I want to tell you about my Grandma MacDuffie (with the help of my Mommy) who recently went to glory to spend some time at the feet of Jesus.

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