Thursday, March 7, 2013

Southern Plate and Updates

So right now I'm playing around on Southern Plate (I absolutely love this website!) Mrs Christy is awesome and she has some pretty great recipes, that and I love the features, she has a recipe box so you can save your favorite but you could also save them to your shopping list and that will let you know what you would need to get for that recipe (obviously you would want to cross out what you have before going to the store so you don't buy what you don't need) But it makes my life a little easier when it comes time for meal planning and grocery shopping. I follow other blogs and get ideas from them as well but this one is my handiest. This week is rent week so we are to poor for me to do anything to outrageous, but I will meal plan! And I will shop with a list and I will be able to feed my husband good food when he comes home from a long  day at work, because I am just as Army Strong as he is (just in VERY different ways).

Sad news though, I am still in the process of motivating myself to do dishes (I  know shame on me) and the Lord knows the house needs to be cleaned (but would settle for being straightened up)

Good news time? I GOT MY WEDDING PICTURES!!!!!! They looks so good and I'm so happy with them! A really good friend Mrs Donna owns a photography business called Photos by Donna and they are so good :D  I will have to post some of these on my about me page as soon as I figure out how to add pictures to this blog (yay for beginners)

Prayer time? Only always, my Grandma McDuffie (moms mom) Is really bad off and in the hospital in AZ with congestive heart failure they have her stabilized now but she cant go back to where she was staying because she has to be on oxygen and so they have moved her to a hospice center so please keep her and everyone in your prayers. Also please don't forget about me, I have no time for life right now from working then spending time with my Hubby and I feel like I am neglecting everyone else, but money is so tight that going places to do things is out of the question (Man just going places is right now with how high gas prices are) So I could use a little heavenly help.
Much love---

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