Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring cleaning

My family is truly amazing, and most of all (for at least a week) is my wonderful like-a-sister aunt Cathy and my awesome sister Rachael. They were an awesome excuse to eat at Waffle house (even if I ate to much) then the came over and helped John and I clean and rearrange everything :D The beautiful Cathy cleaned the kitchen (HUGE undertaking) and the sweet Rachael vacuumed the WHOLE house then helped me figure out where I want the furniture.
So thanks to those to ladies help and my fantastic husbands willingness to move the couches 3 times we have a more organized house, a cleaner house, and waffle house. ;)
Aaaaaaaand do you want to know what I just finished... a meal plan complete with shopping list for this week (using the awesome feature at Southern plate) And I cant wait. I will post the recipes as soon as I make them, but on this weeks menu (other then chicken nuggets) will be tacos, beef stew, pepper steak, and chicken and pasta. All yummy and simple meals that I cant wait to try.
Much love-

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