Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby steps

Yeah for chilling at mom and dads house :D between Husband time and work this doesn't happen very often, and I picked the perfect night to do it, my Mama is making one of my favorite things, my comfort food, and something that (even though I can make just fine on my own) just doesn't taste the same unless Mama cooks it. The best part is its really simple: peel, cut then boil a bag of potatoes with 1 onion and some celery a ( Mama uses 1 onion and normally 2 or 3 stalks of celery but you can add as much or as little depending on how you feel) once the potatoes are fork tender then add milk, butter, and salt and pepper and ta-da you have potato soup. You can eat it plain or make it loaded potato soup by adding bacon bits and cheese. Whats your favorite way to eat potato soup? Or potato in general? Hmmmmmmm?

That and I get to grab their spare printer which means I will be able to print out coupons now (Hurrah!), you know what that means, I get a free printer that will do things to help me save money. (I call that a big baby step when it comes to saving money.)
And speaking of saving money, I have an addiction. I know it is and I admit it. I have an addiction to buying apple fritters from the gas station every morning before work and I am looking for a good apple fritter recipe that I can make for my sister and I (who car pool to work, yeah saving money and our environment) in a big batch and eat on for a week or two, does any one have any suggestions? If so shoot me up with the recipe and I will make it and post the results for yall to see.

Sadly no cleaning to report and I have no excuses for this (bad lizzy, bad) Although I did have a birthday party for my Papa who is now 74 (way to go old man) He is a twice retired Navy Vet and one of my favorite people in the world, But sadly he is sick (like all the time) so add him to your prayer list for me and let me know what I can pray about for you.

Much love-

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