Monday, March 11, 2013


Well today was a pretty good day, I donated some clothes to the Good Will and then I went to this awesome (and probably bad for me) place called the Chamblin Bookmine, where they bought some of the books I don't read anymore and I bought a book and a bunch of movies for like $10 (after the store credit from the sold books).
Sadly our little family is back down to 1 car as the van we were using from our parents is in the shop for an unknown time, but I will do my best to see this as a way to cut down on gas costs.
On the bright side of that my Mama had to pick me up from the auto shop and I'm going home with all their duplicate movies and a grocery shopping date with my Mommy, tomorrow after work at the NEX, which is where we should shop but is to far away from me to be worth it, (but if its not my gas ;) then its so worth it)
I cant wait to get started working on my meal plan and to impress my baby with the awesome homemade food I will cook for him :D

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