Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The results

Its a little later then I had planned to post this but I wanted you all to know how I did shopping yesterday. I set myself a budget of $60 and for once it was hard mentally to stick to that because of how empty our kitchen had gotten. We needed SOOOO much to replenish, or so I thought. When I made my meal plan and shopping list I knew I would be pushing it, but some times what has to be done has to be done. I spent $62.48, first I have to say I'm proud of myself, second the only reason why I went over was my Hubby asked for some ice cream, it was the only thing he wanted and he even knew what type (he doesn't do that often so I knew he was really wanting it) and I couldn't deny him (almost did but when I saw that cookie dough ice cream looking at me I knew I had to take it home to John). I bought everything I needed for the meals I had planed and even ended up with enough that I can make some hamburger helper and curry next week (yeah two meals already on the menu!) The best thing about shopping at the commissary is there is no tax, which works out really well for someone who forgets to count for that in her head when she is adding up what she has in her cart toward her budget, (more then once I've had to put something back to pay for tax).

Tonight I am making the first cooked meal on my meal plan...... Rustic beef stew. In a post later tonight I will tell you all about it ;) until then my friends.....
Much love -

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