Saturday, March 2, 2013

The game plan

So here is the plan, I’m a bit conflicted about whether to do everything head first or to take things slowly. So I will do it my own special way. By doing both.
There are multiple things I want to accomplish and thankfully something’s will accomplish multiple things (like meal planning is organized, it will save money on the grocery bill, and it will get my rear-end in the kitchen) Let me break down my game plan for you (and me)
Get more organized:
1.      This won’t be easy but I have to get off my lazy butt and get it at a good base level organization then I can build from there, my plan was to do that today and instead I’m on Facebook, Pinterest, and starting a blog…..yeah.
2.      Then I can do the little things one weekend at a time. My idea of little things are: Books in a it makes sense to me kind of order, the kitchen (cure scary music), go through our clothes and be generous with them, get our wedding stuff in order, coupon book, and I’m sure many other things will need to be accomplished after I do all of those (isn't that how life always works)
Don’t be such a slob:
1.      Kind of like above the first step will be to just do it, and I will make myself do it by making myself accountable to this blog, I WILL go room by room every night and get that room CLEAN like clean clean not just Elizabeth clean (because trust me it is not the same thing)
2.      Then I will do my best to implement a schedule (look at me being organized) That way I will know that on whatever day it is I have to get done at least the required cleaning task (I will figure out the schedule after I finish step one because I don’t wanna do it right now, procrastinators unite…..tomorrow)
3.      I will stick to the agreement that my husband and I made about the dishes and not flack on my nights (alternate, it was whoever cooks the other cleans but that was back when we were both home off work with plenty of time till dinner, now I’m home hours before he is and if I wait for him to cook that late we’re going hungry )
4.      I will take out the trash bin and recycle bin the night before they are due for pick up (I know you think this is dumb but you don’t know how many times I will forget and only remember once I'm at work and can do nothing about it, then our trash can is overflowing)
Learn to cook
1.      Yikes! I will search through Pinterest and the couple wonderful blog ladies I follow and I will find their recipes and I will try not to kill them
2.      I will embrace my crock pot, and freezer meals (the hubby isn't the only one who works in the family I am plain pooped at the end of the day slaving away at work I don’t wanna have to do that at the stove/oven/microwave on my time off, I wanna watch Netflix and talk to you guys/myself on this blog and probably scroll through Pinterest at the same time because I can’t seem to help myself)
3.      I will plan meals in advance (so I don’t get the call my hubby is on the way home and I'm staring at the pantry like a crazy person.)
I will save us money:
1.      Coupons (I am going to plunge into the crazy world that is couponing and I will master it and I will save us crazy amounts of money, hopefully)
2.      Budget time, My husband I have had an informal budget that has worked fine but we tend to miss things or cut things a little too close for comfort and we have nothing in savings to show for all our hard work so it’s time to put things on paper and stick to it.( I have taken the Dave Ramsey Financial peace classes so this is nothing new to me but poor hubby)
3.      (there really is no #3 but I felt bad that this might be the most important section and there is like nothing in it, but hopefully between those two things and doing whatever odd tips I find online we will be fine)
1.      For lent I gave up my snooze button so I would have time for bible study in the morning, but I want to make the commitment to continue that on because it really has helped me and I wanna keep up my relationship with my lord.
2.      I will have date nights with the hubby.
a.      And I will do something small everyday to let him know that I love him and am thinking about him, whether it’s a text or food or back massage.
3.      I will open my house in Christian hospitably, it’s important to me that we use the house God gave us to do His good will and that include being generous.
a.      I will make the effort to host various people for dinner (maybe have a girls night while the hubby is at drill, I'm sure there will be many opportunities to practice this)

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