Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love in the kitchen

Every now and then we all have one of those days, (sometimes I feel like there are few to many of those days), but the days that it seems like everything that can go wrong is. Let me tell you about mine.
So work sucks (like usual but I don't want to gossip so I won't tell you why) but I finally get off and after a brief trip to the store with my Sissy for some pasta sauce and soda, I get home and take out the fixings for dinner (3 hr before I plan on cooking it just so yall know) and I settle down to find the internet isn't working (Got this fixed even though I think the poor IT guy now takes me at my word when I say that most  technology hates me) I get a little down time till the Hubb calls me and says he is off work (which is my cue to start dinner) I go into the kitchen and guess what nothing is thawed and the pots I need apparently have not been washed. So I get to try and get the chicken thawed the potatoes peeled (which I didn't even use) and stuff clean, when Hubb walks through the door. Now I;m not in a good mood, nothing is ready, and its safe to say I was not looking or feeling my best right there, but he comes into the tiny kitchen and laughs at my grumpy face then proceeded to make a nuisance of himself to try and make me smile. (many kisses later I think I lost the grump somewhere) and then Hubb tried to help me in the kitchen but honestly two newlyweds in a small space just made dinner even later then it should have been.
But anyway I made awesomeness last night for dinner (thanks for the idea sissy) and I wish I snapped a picture of it (but I wasn't thinking straight yet) I made bacon wrapped chicken, served over pasta with some mixed veggies on the side. (Once I got everything worked out) It was super easy, I cut the HUGE chicken breasts I had in half then wrapped them in some bacon (no toothpicks needed it sticks just fine if you're careful and I don't like wood in my food) tossed it in the oven for about 30 min on 350 (you might want to baby sit a little because the time is really dependant on your oven and how thick your chicken is)
The bacon grease makes the chicken super moist and it smelled so amazing, my Mama Kendall called me with a SOS right before this finished to help her peel some coconuts, so as soon as it came out I packed it and John into the car and went to mamas (where I almost cut my thumb off, don't worry I just cut my nail down the middle <yeah and I thought work sucked yesterday>) But anyway It smelled so good mama stole a piece for her lunch tomorrow, bonus she sent me home with her homemade chicken and dumplings and I will have to wrestle the recipe from her to share with yall.
Much love--

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